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Monday 24 September 2018

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Quickstep Classic Old Oak Naturel

Quick Step Classic 700 Old Oak Naturel laminate flooring planks (QSM037). These laminate designs from Quickstep give your interior a personal and contemporary focal point.

Quickstep Classic Old Oak Naturel

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Code: QUICKSTEP 700 QSM037
Name: Quickstep Classic Old Oak Naturel
Size Options:
1.824 m2
1 box




Quick-Step Classic 700 Old Oak Naturel

Quick-Step has been synonymous with perfectly installed floors for years. The secret of this success? Uniclic, an unrivalled technical innovation that lets you install your floor in a tick, without the need for glue. In every situation.
Quick-Step Classic laminate tiles radiate comfort and pleasure. Thanks to Uniclic they can also be installed very fast, without you getting in a mess.
The Living surface finish introduces a tangible, deep wood grain structure to the rustic plank floor designs and a natural look and feel to Quick-Step ceramic tiles.
Your Quick-Step Classic Laminate Floor Planks can easily be combined with underfloor heating when installed as a floating floor. With possible condensation being prevented by the moisture barrier, this is not possible with fully glued laminate floors.
The perfect finish means your Quick-Step floor is easy to clean. The closed joints betwen boards means there is nowhere for dust and dirt to creep thanks to the closed surface structure.
Buy in bulk for extra savings on Quick Step Classic Laminate
 1-6 packs = £29.17 per box = £15.99m
6-9 packs = £27.17 per box = £14.89m
10-14 packs = £25.17 per box = £13.80m
15+ packs = £24.17 per box = £13.25m
Length: 120 cm
Width: 19 cm
Thickness: 7 mm
1 box = 8 planks
1.824 m2 = 2.181486 yards


Quick-Step recently aquired the
PEFC forest certification.
Which means you can enjoy the most beautiful wood floors without having to worry about destroying our forests.

PEFC Forest Certification


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