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Saturday 20 January 2018

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Coir Matting Grey (1m wide)

Grey coconut coir door matting in a 17mm pile suitable for any door entrance in your home or work place. Lowest online prices today only at Abbey-Carpets

Coir Matting Grey (1m wide)

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Name: Coir Matting Grey (1m wide)
Size Options:
50cm x 1m(w)
Coir Mat
100cm x 1m(w)
Coir Mat
150cm x 1m(w)
Coir Mat
200cm x 1m(w)
Coir Mat
250cm x 1m(w)
Coir Mat
300cm x 1m(w)
Coir mat
400cm x 1m(w)
Coir mat
500cm x 1m(w)
Coir mat


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Grey Coir matting 1 meter wide

This Grey Coir mat will take the dirt from any shoes, it is perfect for porches, hallways, kitchens and all outside door areas of the home. Its ideal to set in to your carpet or laminated flooring to protect it from those dirty gritty shoes! Our coconut matting is also suitable for all public entrance areas and loby areas to commercial premises i.e shops, clubs and pubs. Coir mat will save you time cleaning your carpet and money replacing it once it is so soiled it can not be cleaned.It is handy to keep a piece rolled up in the shed to use at busy times. Once soiled simply vacuum your coir floor mat once dry or lift up and shake outside.This Black Coir matting may be more suitable for some homes rather than the natural coloured matting that we also sell as it may match you interior/exterior more or simply prefer the colour.
Sizes: 50cm x 100cm x 17mm
  100cm x 100cm x 17mm
  150cm x 100cm x 17mm
200cm x 100cm x 17mm
250cm x 100cm x 17mm
300cm x 100cm x 17mm
400cm x 100cm x 17mm
500cm x 100cm x 17mm
Coir matting should be cut with a sharp stanley knife from the back on the PVC . We can cut any size coir mat in length  up to 12 meters long.
We also offer a cutting service on all natural coir mat just phone through your size and we will cut your new mat for you to your exact size we charge just £7.99 to cut your door mat to the exact size required, please call 01702 416465 for this service.

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