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Sunday 19 May 2024

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Fitting Carpet on Stairs

Fitting Carpetwhich is laid the full width of the stairs can be a difficult and is best left to experienced fitters. However if your on a budget and want to try fitting carpet yourself just follow our step-by-step guide.

Remember that stair carpet is subject to heavy wear so a good hard wearing carpet is needed but you should avoid cord or felt carpet on stairs as this can be slippery on your feet.

Measuring Your Stairs

For simple staircases measure from the front to back of one step and multiply by the number of stairs.

On a spiral staircase measure at the widest points.

If you want to move your carpet from time to time to even out the wear then add the length of a riser to the bottom of the stairs and the length of a tread to the top.

If your stairs have a half-landing measure its length and add to the total.

If you want your carpet to run the length of your landing too then measure the length of that and add it the total.


Remove your old carpet gripperetc. Hammer down or remove any old protruding nails.

Remove any old adhesive and sweep the stairs thoroughly.

Put an underlay pad centrally on the first tread down from the top of the landing.

Place your gripper in the angle between the tread and the riser and nail into place through the riser so as not to hit the teeth of your gripper.

Fit gripper and underlay pads to all the stairs except the bottom one. You do not need a gripper where your bottom riser meets your hallway floor.

Laying the Carpet

Start at the bottom of the stairs making sure you have your carpet running in the right direction for the pattern and pile.

If the end is fraying then simply spread a little adhesive on it.

Lay your carpet from the bottom tread up.

If you have a half landing treat each set of stairs as a new flight. Therefore once you reach up to your half landing then continue running the carpet to the back wall. Butt the next length under it at a right angle and tack down then continue the rest of your stairs.

If you have a 180° landing then there may be a large section of landing. This should be covered with a seperate piece of carpet at right angles to the two stair carpets.