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Saturday 13 July 2024

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How to Measure Your Room for Carpet

Measuring rooms for carpet is fairly simple. Most carpets come on 4m wide rolls some also come on 5m wide rolls bare this in mind when measuring.

Its best practice not to mix different width rolls when fitting carpet as like wall paper carpets are made in batches. Carpets are priced in square meters so this is the figure you need when shopping for carpets (and all flooring).

1. Measure the maximum length (1) and width (2) at the rooms widest points, remembering to measure into the door frame (5) as the carpet or vinyl should end under the door. If the width (2) is less than 4m wide e.g. 3m 75cm you will need to buy a 4m wide carpet, if the room is large and the width (2) is say 4m 68cm you will need to buy a 5m wide carpet.

2. Multiply the length measurement plus 10 cm over which will then give you 5 cm overlap each end to play with when fitting by the width of carpet required i.e. 4m or 5m

3. Measure any cut outs ie fire places, bay windows or alcoves areas as if you are having stairs fitted in the same carpet as your rooms you may be able to use the waste from the rooms on the stairs or for joins in other rooms which will save you some money. The alcoves also make a nice place for an unseen and rarely walked on join if needed. (which could also save you more money!)

For our example room the actual sizes are;
1. Length 5m 65cm
2. Width 3m 75cm
3. Fire Place length 96cm
4. Alcove depth 45cm

Room Measurements

So how much carpet do we need ?

For this room you will need to buy 5.75cm x 4m = 23 Sq m

Simply multiply the cost of the carpet lets say £15.99 Per Sq m by the size of the room ie 23 Sq m = £367.77

You may need to add other costs ie underlay, gripper theshold plates if required and fitting for carpet and hardboard for vinyl.

Happy measuring !