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Sunday 19 May 2024

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How to Fit Karndean Flooring


Before installing your Karndean flooring it is important to allow it to acclimatise to the environment. Remove all packaging and leave for 24hrs before fitting , in a room temperature of 18°-26°. It is also important to ensure the room remains at this temperature whilst fitting your karndean flooring and for 24hrs after.


Karndean floor products must only be laid on sub-floors where the moisture level does not exceed 75%RH. If your sub-floors moisture level exceeds this then a damp proof membrane should be laid first. If you have an old concrete sub-floor remove all traces of the previous flooring and any adhesive which may remain. For old and new concrete sub-floors prime the floor with Neoprene or PVA primer, and apply a minimum 3mm of smoothing underlayment.

For tiled or ceramic floors, degrease, rinse and abrade to provide a key to lay 3mm of smoothing compound.

Asphalt should be de-greased and rinsed with water. The surface should then be primed with neat Neoprene or Epoxy primer and allowed to dry then a 3mm smoothing underlayment applied.

Timber floors should be overlayed with 6mm plyboard then primed with diluted Neoprene or PVA primer.

If you have a metal floor then please consult Karndean International directly.

With painted floors you should strip it back to the original base and apply 3mm of smoothing compound.

You can install Karndean vinyl flooring with underfloor heating. However please ensure to have this turned off for 48hrs previous to and 48hrs after laying. You also need to insulate your floor so the surface does not exceed 27°. Use high temperature adhesive when laying your Karndean flooring with underfloor heating.


All Karndean flooring products should be laid using only Karndean International own brand adhesive available in various sizes in our store. (This also protects your floor guarantee)

Epoxy Resin is a two part mix which should be mixed together to a smooth consistency and the contents poured from the container within 5 minutes of mixing, as it will harden and dry in 15 minutes in the container, but once on the floor you have 2 hours working time.

Acrylic adhesive is ideal for use in most normal residential and commercial installations. Karndean should be wet bonded when used with this adhesive so we recommend working section by section. It has about 15 minutes open time depending on atmospheric conditions.

High Temperature Adhesive is a modified acrylic adhesive with improved service temperature. Use in areas subject to excessive heat such as conservatories, shop windows, patio doors and underfloor heating. It is particularly important to keep the temperature in your conservatory at a constant 18°-26º before, during and after installing your Karndean floor. It is also advisable to shade your windows to make sure constant temperatures are maintained.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is ideal for use in most standard residential and commercial installations. A dry to dry tack is best used when laying your karndean floor with this adhesive. It has an open time of 5 hours. An A2 Karndean trowel should be used when using pressure sensitive adhesive.


Ensure that tiles and planks laid into adhesive are done so within the prescribed open time indicated on adhesive container.

ALL Karndean flooring products should be rolled after installation using a 68kg roller in larger areas, or a small hand roller in lesser areas. All new Karndean flooring installations should be kept traffic free for 24 hours after installation, this does not apply to installs carried out using karndean pressure sensitive adhesive.