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Friday 1 July 2022

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Carpet Gripper Rods Wood

Carpet Gripper for wood subfloors.Carpet Grippers for wood floors. 5ft lengths. 5 pack sizes - 40, 100, 250, 350 500 feet. Free UK delivery

Carpet Gripper Rods Wood

FREE UK Mainland Delivery


Name: Carpet Gripper Rods Wood
Size Options:
40ft Carpet Gripper
8 sticks
100ft Carpet Gripper
20 sticks
250ft Carpet Gripper
50 sticks
350ft Carpet Gripper
70 sticks
500ft Carpet Gripper
100 sticks


Delivery Info: Next Working Day



Carpet Gripper rods some times called tack strips are specifically designed for use on all wooden subfloors.Wood carpet gripper strips should only be use with carpet underlay. Wood carpet gripper is suitable for use with felt back carpet or hessian backed carpet if being fitted on underlay. Wood Carpet Gripper is also perfect on stairs. Our Wood Carpet gripp is pre-nailed for ease of installation.
Please see our DIY guide below on how to fit wood gripper for some handy tips and advice.

80% cheaper than Carpetright

  • Suitable for use on all wood sub floors.
  • Features 20mm hardened steel ring shank nails.
  • Threaded for a firmer fixing, all pins are coated so as not to stain the carpet.
  • High quality trade Carpet Gripper.
  • Free next working day UK delivery on all Gripper.
  • Lowest carpet gripper price guaranteed.
40ft (12.2m) of quality wood Carpet Gripper.
Box contents: 8 sticks 5ft (1.5m) long.
100ft (30m) of quality wood Carpet Gripper.
Box contents: 20 sticks 5ft (1.5m) long.

250f t (76m) of quality wood Carpet Gripper.
Box contents: 50 sticks 5ft (1.5m) long.

350f t (106m) of quality wood Carpet Gripper.
Box contents: 70 sticks 5ft (1.5m) long.

500f t (152m) of quality wood Carpet Gripper.
Box contents: 100 sticks 5ft (1.5m) long.


How to fit wood carpet gripper rods

Fitting wood Carpet Gripper is a fairly easy job for anyone with basic DIY knowledge. It will also help you save  money as part of fitting your own carpeting. It will also make you proud of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it, so don't be afraid just follow our carpet gripper fitting guide.



Tools required for fitting wood carpet gripper are:


  1. Good quality claw hammer
  2. Carpet Gripper shears or wood saw if shears are not available
  3. Measuring tape and pencil
  4. Thick gloves
  5. Protective eye googles
To start with please remember that wood carpet gripper edge has 100's of small metal pins in, which are there to hold your carpet in place when stretched, so be careful and do wear saftey googles and gloves.
Carpet gripper strips are made in 5ft lengths so have a quick measure around the perimeter of the room in feet, deducting any doorways then divide by 5 this will give you the number of sticks of carpet gripper needed for that room.
Lay out the gripper around the room so that the name printed on it can be read, this will ensure the bevelled edge will be towards the wall. Carpet gripper can then be fixed to the floor. How far away from the wall should I fit the carpet gripper strips? The gripper edge strips should be fixed 1 1/2 times the thickness of your new carpet to be installed away from the wall. Check measure the depth of your new carpet with a tape measure before fixing any carpet gripper. If you guess the distance you carpet will not fit neatly. 
Start in the corner of the room and fix gripper in 5ft lengths. Follow the contour of your skirting board as much as possible. When it becomes apparent a 5ft length will be too long, cut to the size required. Cut small pieces of gripper to contour around door archatraves and frames. Dust your knees off and admire your work!
Check out our advice section for more detailed advice on fitting carpet gripper on stairs and fitting carpet underlay.

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