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Monday 15 April 2024

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Vinyl flooring fitting tool scribing bar

Vinyl flooring tool scribing bar to back mark from the wall on to your vinyl flooring before cutting with a perfect fit. A versatile tool for precision marking and cutting. Only £38.99 Free delivery.

Vinyl flooring fitting tool scribing bar

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Name: Vinyl flooring fitting tool scribing bar
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1 Scriber


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Scribing Bar for vinyl flooring

A Scribing is a handy tool for precision marking and cutting of all types of vinyl and linoleum flooring. A scriber hand tool used for marking lines on your flooring, prior to cutting. Use a scriber instead of pencils as the marks from pencils cannot be seen as clearly as scribed marks.  Made of steel that has been sharpened to a point at one end. They are used by drawing the point over the surface of the vinyl to leave a shallow scratch on its surface. Due to the nature of metal, and the accuracy generally sought after when cutting vinyl flooring, a thick pencil or ink line would either be impossible to lay down accurately or prone to erasing. Complete the job professionally with a Scribing bar from Abbey Carpets.

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