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Thursday 22 April 2021

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Karndean Flooring Feature Strips

Give your tiles a natural grout look with the use of Karndean Feature strips. Available in 6 colours.

Karndean Flooring Feature Strips

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Name: Karndean Flooring Feature Strips
Size Options:
5mm x 25 linear meters
5mm x 25 linear meters
5mm x 25 linear meters
5mm x 25 linear meters
5mm x 25 linear meters
Light Brown
5mm x 25 linear meters


Delivery Info: 3-5 Working Days


Available in a range of 6 colours at 5mm wide, Karndean Feature Strips can be used on tile floors to give the effect of a natural grout line. They can also be used to create a very subtle border or ships decking effect to complement woodplanks.



* Due to DaVinci's bevelled edge, these strips can only be used between planks or tiles.


Please note we have a minimum order of 3 packets on this product.
If you wish to purchase less than 3 packets you will be subjected to a 10 postal surcharge.
Please contact us for more info.
As Karndean Suppliers we sell Karndean floor cleaning products also fitting tools so you will have no problem installing or maintaining your Karndean flooring all for cheap affordable uk prices.

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