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Flooring Hardboard

Hardboard for flooring and DIY. For smoothing uneven floorboards underneath vinyl flooring or carpet.

Flooring Hardboard

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Name: Flooring Hardboard
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Flooring Hardboard for smoothing uneven floorboards or wood floors before laying kitchen and bathroom vinyl flooring or carpets.
2ft x 4ft sheets 3.2mm thick (60cm x 120cm) = 0.72 Sqm
Pre shrunk sheets of flooring hardboard underlayment for smoothing uneven floorboards prior to installing vinyl flooring or carpets. Ideal for use in many diy jobs around the house, boat or caravan. Our hard board is pre shrunk which means it will not shrink if subjected to moister or water spills like most diy shop hardboard. It has been formulated for use in the flooring trade.  

How to lay flooring hardboard

The first thing to remember before fitting your new flooring hard board is that it must be laid shiney side down!
Okay thats most builders mistakes taken care of. Only lay hardboard over wooden subfloors!
You will need :
1. A good claw hammer.
2. A hand scraper.
3. Jigsaw and something to cut on like a work-bench.
4. 60 of  3/4 inch long ring shank nails per square meter to be covered (do not be tempted to use any other types of nails.) Not only are ring shanks short enough so as not to flood your home by going through a pipe, but they also have little grooves on them which grip the hardboard down to the wooden subfloor.
5. Plenty of time and patience, do not rush this job! If you take your time you will get a professional finish and your new flooring, carpet or vinyl will not only look better but it will last longer if the subfloor is smooth and sound.
Step 1
Give the area to be installed a jolly good sweep, scraping any lumps of plaster, concrete or debris up as you go, whilst doing this keep a close eye out for pertuding nails, pins or staples and bang them down as you go. 
Step 2
Laying hardboard is just like doing a large jigsaw that will be there for many years to come. So study the area bearing in mind the size of the sheet 4ft x 2ft. In large square rooms you can normally start from the longest straightest wall, however most areas we fit are kitchens and bathrooms with really awkward floor shapes.
Step 3
To ease installation keep the amount of cuts to a minimum, so dont lay the first board next to a straight wall, try and lay the first board next to 2 walls if possible. Continue laying from the first board without fixing. Keep all hardboard joints butted tightly. Use a pencil to mark boards as you go, cut all boards as you go down your first row. 
Step 4
When starting the second row stagger the joints in a brickwork fashion this will ensure a neat finish. Continue to the other side of the room. Once all boards are cut and installed its time for the hammer work.
Remove all pets, children and grand parents from the room! and start nailling the pins in. Boards must be nailed every 4 inches. Try and avoid the gaps in the floor boards, you will know when you have found one as the pin will seem to go in with ease (take that pin out). When pinning the edges of boards try and alternate pin position on the adjacent board. Again do not cut corners and put a few pins in because as some bad builders have found out after the flooring is laid the boards will squeek and move!
Step 5
Congratulations!  you have finished we charge £7 per sq meter to lay hardboard so you have saved alot of money.

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